Who is Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

Carl Barkemeyer has been a licensed attorney for over 14 years in Louisiana. Since he graduated Loyola Law School in New Orleans, he has devoted his career to defending clients with criminal charges. 

Born a Defense Attorney

Mr. Barkemeyer is not a former police officer or prosecutor.  After law school he chose to work for the public defender’s office instead of the prosecutor’s office. 

He has defense attorney in his blood. Mr. Barkemeyer has never had an interest or desire to prosecute the accused.  His career went from public defender to private practice in 2010.  He was able to make the transition easily since he always represented defendants as opposed to prosecuting them before, then switching to defending them.  So, if you hire Mr. Barkemeyer, you do not need to be concerned if your criminal lawyer once arrested or prosecuted you or a friend.

New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney

If you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney in New Orleans, call us at 504-321-4300.  We can discuss your case to see if we are a good fit.